Energy Efficiency

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Home Assessment

What can you expect from a professional home energy assessment from Today’s Energy Store? How about:

  • Professionally-Certified Auditors: We send certified BPI (Building Performance Analyst) and/or RESNET techs to your home – at a convenient time for you – to conduct a thorough search. We are licensed and authorized by the Nevada State board of realtors. They are the ones that issue the licenses for the auditors.
  • Comprehensive Approach: Our company uses the most modern diagnostic tools to gauge energy levels in each and every area of your home to give you the best results
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Blower door tests, thermographic scanning – Today’s Energy Store utilizes the most modern equipment and technology to conduct all searches and sweeps to give your home optimal efficiency
  • Personalized Recommendations: Every home is different. And so is every assessment! Your results will reflect your unique needs and set up, and give you the kind of superior fix that fits you right.



Today’s Energy Store and James Manville Climate Pro provide you with the high-quality loose fill blow-in fiber glass insulation that can save you hundreds every year. Whether you’re trying to cut back on costs, remodel your home, or just want to create a healthier, more eco-friendly indoor environment, our insulation installations give you a host of benefits:

  • Controlled indoor temperature, year round
  • Increased the efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Lessen unwanted outside noise
  • Improved indoor air quality (prevent mold, moisture, & allergens from polluting your home)
  • Added value to your home
  • And more…

Air Sealing

In today’s day and age, insulation is just not enough anymore! Along with keeping things warm in the winter and cool in the summer, people want to make their homes as energy efficient as possible.

And they turn to air sealing to do it!

Flues, chimneys, HVAC, drop ceilings, soffits – all of these areas can allow heat and cool air to escape. With air sealing, you can put an end to that and lower your utility bills significantly at the same time.

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are one of the best weapons you have to combat the harsh summer heat from invading and staying in your home. In the area of Henderson, NV, the temperatures can climb to over 100 degrees, heat metal roofing components, and transfer heat directly to the coolest parts of the structure. This, in turn, can cause the A/C unit to turn on, and create unnecessary energy usage to cool down every part of the home.

Today’s Energy Store uses the HeatBloc-Ultra system to create a radiant barrier and put an end to all that. By applying this water based material through a patented spraying process, you can eliminate more than 80% of the heat that passes through the roof; making your home much cooler and more comfortable overall.


Solar Attic Fan

A solar attic fan can help you lower your energy costs, cool your attic in the summer, remove moisture in the winter, and provide better ventilation for up to 1200 sq.ft. Using this advanced solar technology, Today’s Energy Store can help you reduce dangerous heat build-up and prevent mold and rot in your home; saving you hundreds on repairs and remodeling.

How does a solar attic fan work? Excellent question.

Solar fans use the power of the sun to move a specially-designed fan at a rate much faster (still safe) than normal. This movement provides improved air flow and ventilation without using electricity, and is triggered by the built-in thermal switch controls within your home. Solar Attic Fans can be wired directly into home’s grid, and also allow you to monitor the temperature of the attic from your very own digital display.

This installation ultimately makes your life simpler, is better for the environment, and saves you more on heating and cooling your attic all year round.

Solar Film & Screens

Solar films and screens help both home and business owners protect themselves from the sun’s glare. They also and reduce energy costs and consumption. Johnson Window Films and Today’s Energy Store deliver these precise products, and the long term savings you want for your property. Solar Films & Screens have become increasingly popular all across the state and the nation because of the benefits they bring after installation:

  • Decreased Heat
  • Reduced Fading & Health Risks
  • Reduced Glare
  • Energy Savings
  • Increased Safety
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Fast & Hassle-Free Installation
  • And more…

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