Experienced Solar Company in Henderson with Master Dealer Designation

Since 2008, SunPower by Today’s Energy Store has been a trusted solar company for Henderson residents as well as throughout the southern tip of Nevada including Las Vegas. As one of a select few solar companies with the designation of SunPower® Master Dealer, we are committed to providing our customers with durable products and trustworthy services.

Unique Green Energy Solutions for Nevada Residents

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to invest in green energy solutions or you want to find ways to lower your monthly energy bill, we have just what you need. Our SunPower® Equinox home solar system serves as an energy-efficient electricity source with an aesthetically-appealing design. With a durable solid backing, our Henderson solar panels are able to ensure decades of rain, snow, wind, and even hail.

We offer four different SunPower® panel options. The P-Series panels are laser cut into six individual strips and layered into what we call a hypercell. This helps to increase power and efficiency. Built with Maxeon® solar cells, the E-Series and X-Series panels produce 60 percent more energy over a 25-year period than conventional panels. The highest wattage panels available are in the A-Series, which feature the world’s very first 400W solar panels.

Even with our strong and reliable panels, we realize that defects and damage may occur over time. That’s why we offer the SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty. This warranty will cover your entire system, making you eligible for repairs and replacements as well as reimbursements. Refer to the informational videos and bullet points below to learn more.

Not only do we provide solar panels to be placed on your roof, but we also offer the Powerwall rechargeable lithium-ion battery, manufactured by Tesla. Utilizing the energy from your solar panels, the battery is able to charge throughout the day and power your home in the evening and during the night.

Are you interested in decreasing your monthly energy expenses, helping to create a cleaner and healthier environment, and potentially receiving incentive rebates? Call SunPower by our Henderson Solar Energy Company today at 702-558-1500 to learn more about the benefits of solar energy or to request a free energy audit.

SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty

A better warranty starts with a better product.

Every part of your SunPower® Equinox™ System is meticulously designed to work perfectly together and rigorously tested for long-term reliability. That’s why the SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty is the only solar warranty to cover your whole system (not just the panels).

Complete System Warranty – The SunPower warranty ensures both product quality and the highest power production in the industry.

Complete Service Warranty – It’s the best warranty you may never have to use. But if you do, we make it simple and quick.

The Power of One®

SunPower® Equinox™

The only complete home solar system designed and engineered by one company to deliver an unmatched combination of high energy production and excellent lifetime savings for your home.

  • Power: Generates electricity with the highest efficiency for solar panels on the market, producing up to 60% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years and an expected useful life of more than 40 years.
  • Design: Intelligently designed by SunPower to provide optimal performance with elegant aesthetics
  • Reliability: Rigorously tested for endurance in real-world conditions and backed by the industry-leading SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty.
  • Storage: SunPower® Equinox™ is now compatible with a number of battery storage solutions

More Energy in less space.

More Energy More Space More Sleek
SunPower® panels produce 60% more energy from the same space over 25 years than conventional panels. Extra room on your roof means space to grow for future energy needs: a pool, remodel, EV, etc. Our modern, streamlined design looks great on most any style of architecture or roofing material.

Stability is not an accident

Since 1985, SunPower has led the way in solar innovations- and we’re still going strong. Our unwavering commitment to solar energy gives us the expertise to succeed where others fail. So you can be sure you’re choosing the solar energy company in Henderson that will be with you now and in the future.

32 years and counting
Let our expertise be your peace of mind
SunPower Complete Confidence
The only solar warranty to cover your whole system for 25 years.
750+ industry patents
More than any other solar manufacturer to date.

Power and beauty on one roof.

  • Panels are ranked #1 in overall durability, offering performance that proves itself, year in and year out
  • Delivers 55% more energy from the same space in the first year than conventional panels
  • Produces more energy at sunrise, sunset and on cloudy days
  • Panels can be added without extensive system reconfigurations because the system is so simple

Contact our residential solar energy company in Henderson today to learn more about our solar panels and to get a free quote!